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I use the FDA-approved Luminex laser therapy system from Medical Laser Systems, Inc. This is a 500mW pulsed laser system that allows me to tailor treatments to a variety of conditions.

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You can learn more about cold laser therapy at The World Association of Laser Therapy and also in Wikipedia's Low Level Laser Therapy article.

Cold Laser

Luminex Cold Laser System

Research: In searching for therapies for difficult and chronic conditions, I came across clinical trials highlighting the effectiveness of Cold Laser Therapy. I went on to study the research on the functioning and efficacy of laser therapy and I was impressed by the quality of research and promising results.

Safety: This therapy, also known as Low Level Laser Therapy, has been used for over 20 years in Europe, has been tested rigorously for safety and effectiveness, and is FDA approved.

Indications: Cold laser has been demonstrated to have a number of beneficial physiological effects. It has been shown to:

This research indicates its effectiveness in treating trauma (such as sports or auto injuries,) overuse conditions, chronic pain and arthritis.

Application: I generally combine cold laser treatments with traditional acupuncture in order to achieve the greatest benefit for my patients. Occasionally patients ask for stand-alone laser treatments. I can provide that service, but most insurance plans do not reimburse separately for laser therapy, so I have a fee for these sessions.